Zhangzhou Jialong And Haowang Rice Group Signed Strategic Cooperation Again

- May 30, 2018-

Zhangzhou Jialong Technology Co., Ltd. and China Rice Top 50 Ningxia Haowang Rice Industry Group once again held hands and started the second decade of strategic cooperation by signing a 300,000 tons fully automatic rice packing machine production line. Combine strengths and create intelligent packaging workshops to increase efficiency and increase efficiency.


Haowang Rice Group Co., Ltd. has always been adhering to the development philosophy of "reform, tolerance, innovation, and win-win", insisting on innovation and leading the development of the industry. The development goal is “to drive the development of the industry, increase the income of farmers, and protect the safety of consumers”. The main products include 20 series of more than 80 single-products, such as Yuwang Organic Rice, Ningjing No.43, Daoxiang Rice, and Crab Rice, etc., Gold Medal of China International Oils and Grains Exhibition, Gold Medal of China Green Food Expo and many other honors. It has sold more than 40 cities in the northwest, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou and Mongolia, and established more than 8,000 sales outlets, including more than 1,000 sales outlets in the region. Sales of high-end products have been increasing.


Haowang Rice Group leads the development with science and technology, and promotes production through innovation. It owns two of the most advanced fully automatic rice packing machine processing lines in China, processing 500 tons of rice daily, processing 180,000 tons of rice annually, and producing 120,000 tons of polished rice per year. The introduction of the world's most advanced low-temperature drying production line, daily processing 300 tons of raw grain, optimize the quality of the original grain; the introduction of multi-channel color sorter, improve the quality of rice products; the introduction of fully automated robotic arm packaging line to ensure packaging efficiency and quality.