Wheat Flour Packing Machine

- May 24, 2018-

   After Shandong Hengda Non-woven Packaging Bag became a major supplier of famous enterprises such as COFCO, Yihai, etc., at the beginning of 2018, Shandong Hengda also received an exciting good news - non-woven flour packaging bags have passed EU food grade The detection of contact materials successfully penetrated the European market.

    Since September 2017, when we started to contact European customers to purchase non-woven flour packaging materials from China, Hengda actively cooperates with customers to understand products in all directions. Through communication, we learned that the customer’s original packaging was a paper-based small package, but it showed great interest in this non-woven material.So Hengda purchsed some non-woven wheat flour packing machine and start producing nan-woven wheat flour. After four months of consultations and negotiations, and through inspection and inspection of EU food-grade contact materials, customers made direct shipments of large quantities at the end of January. At this point, Hengda Packaging successfully entered the EU market.Non-woven wheat flour packing machine 

    Hengda Color Printing Company has perfect quality assurance measures and means, and has obtained the first batch of national food industry packaging production licenses; it has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. Nissan has more than 400,000 bags of all kinds, of which more than 300,000 flour non-woven bags and more than 100,000 plastic woven bags. Non-woven single product production and sales ranks first in the national packaging industry. Now it has become the first brand of wheat flour packing machine, which is Yihai Kerry Group, COFCO Group, Hebei Jinsha River, Haofeng MSG, Binzhou Taiyu Noodle Industry, Hualong Noodle Industry, Weiwei Group, Luwang Group, Qingdao Baile. Mai, Qingdao Xinghua and other leading manufacturers of packaging bags fixed point suppliers.