What Packaging Is Suitable For Vacuum Packaging Machines?

- Oct 29, 2018-


At present, our common vacuum packaging equipment is divided into vacuum packaging and vacuum inflation packaging machinery. Vacuum packaging is an effective means to inhibit the activity of some microorganisms such as bacteria, and to keep fresh fruits and vegetables and other fruits fresh and colorful.

      Daily common metamorphic and oxidized products are crispy, fragile, easy to deteriorate, food, daily chemical products, meat products, seafood products, fruits and vegetables, pickles, pharmaceutical products, hardware components, medical equipment, etc. can be vacuumed, inflated, Body-packed. One of the important joints in the vacuum packaging machine is the air-filled packaging. The main function of the vacuum-inflated packaging is to make the food more effective in maintaining the original shape and nutritional value for a long time, in addition to the oxygen-removing and quality-preserving functions of the vacuum packaging.

      In our 21st century, our material and its richness, the role of packaging is changing with time and the century, attracting consumers' attention, making people want to promote the sales of products; convenient to save and extend products. The storage period increases the storage value of the product and reduces the production cost of the enterprise. The appearance of the vacuum packaging machine solves these problems well.

     For example, the common tea in daily life is the most suitable for packaging with vacuum packaging machine. As everyone knows, tea is the crystallization of Chinese culture. The color and fragrance of tea is very high. The tea is picked and dried or dried. It can be listed. Tea leaves usually have a shelf life, and it is generally better to have fresh tea leaves. How to improve the quality of tea and extend the shelf life? Tea vacuum packaging machine is a good tool, with fast packaging speed, small size, low noise, saving manpower and material resources. Low energy consumption, simple operation and other features solve a series of cumbersome manual operation problems of tea vacuum packaging.