What Is The Wooden Pallets Packing Machine

- Jun 05, 2018-


The wooden Pallets Packing Machine, a kind of tray winding machine, is used manually to wrap the packing material around the tray. The tray wrapping machine is suitable for the outer packing of the articles on the pallet.

The advantages of the carton packing, the paper bag packing and the bottle making packaging are easy to operate, which greatly improves the production efficiency and can show the working condition or the fault content.

The packing object of the tray packer

Carton packaging, paper bag packaging, bottle making packaging, pot packaging, barreled packaging, building block packaging, irregular items packaging, etc.

What are the advantages of the tray packer

The utility model has the advantages of replacing the packaging effect which can not be reached by manual operation, convenient operation, greatly improving the production efficiency and reducing the labor intensity of workers. The packing effect is neat, beautiful and tight. It can prevent dust and damp, protect the surface of products, and facilitate the transportation and packaging of articles.