What Is The Tea Vacuum Packaging Machine

- May 29, 2018-


The vacuum packaging machine will be loaded into the bag of tea, take out the air in the bag, vacuum inflatable packaging to reach the predetermined vacuum, and then fill in nitrogen or other mixed gas, and then complete the sealing process.

Tea Vacuum Packaging Machine Application scope: The product is suitable for a variety of food, meat products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, pickles, cooling meat, pharmaceutical products, hardware components, medical equipment, such as vacuum, inflatable, body packaging machine.

The working principle of the tea vacuum packing machine When the machine is working, the packing bag which has been filled with the material is directed to the chamber by hand, and put the bag mouth on the heat seal, close the vacuum chamber cover 7 and press tight, rely on the vacuum chamber cover sealing ring sealed vacuum chamber, at the same time control system work, according to work program automatically complete vacuum, squeeze bag mouth, heater heating seal, cooling,

The vacuum chamber lifts a series of actions, such as vacuum and lifting the chamber lid. 1, Vacuum: Vacuum chamber cover, vacuum pump work, vacuum chamber began pumping vacuum, packaging bag at the same time vacuum, the vacuum table pointer rise to reach the rated vacuum (by the time relay ISJ control) Vacuum pump stop working, vacuum stop.

At the same time, the vacuum work, two-bit solenoid valve IDT work, heat seal gas chamber vacuum, hot-press rack to maintain position. 2, heat seal: IDT broken, the external atmosphere through its upper intake hole into the hot sealing chamber, by using the pressure difference between the vacuum chamber and the hot sealing room, the hot sealing chamber inflated to make it move down the hot-pressing frame and press the bag mouth; at the same time, the work of the heat-sealing transformer begins to seal; In the meantime, the time relay 2SJ works, a few seconds later,

Heat seal ends.

3, return gas: Two-bit two-pass solenoid valve 2DT Pass, the atmosphere into the vacuum chamber, the vacuum table pointer back to zero, the hot-pressing frame to rely on reset spring reset, vacuum chamber open lid. 4, Cycle: The above vacuum chamber moved to another vacuum chamber, that is, into the next work process, left and right two chambers alternating work, cycle.