What Is The Rice Color Sorting Machine

- May 25, 2018-


 Rice color sorter is based on the differences in the optical characteristics of rice, the use of photoelectric technology to the rice in the different color particles automatically sorted out, so as to improve the quality of rice, remove impurities effect. Selected material from the top of the hopper into the color selector machine, through the vibration of the vibrator device, the selected materials down the channel, accelerate the whereabouts into the observation area of the separation room, and from the sensor and the background board through.

  Under the action of light source, according to the light intensity and color change, the system produces output signal drive solenoid valve work blow out the different color particles into the waste  cavity of the hopper, and the good selected materials continue to fall to the hopper finished cavity, so as to achieve alternative purposes. Compared with manual selection: Rice Color separator More time-saving, time-saving, high efficiency, low processing costs.

  Improve the quality of selected products and economic and social benefits.