What Is The Difference Between The External Pumping Type And The Internal Pumping Type Of The Vacuum Packaging Machine

- Aug 10, 2020-

With the rapid development of vacuum packaging machines, there are many classifications of vacuum packaging machines according to the needs of users. Our common ones are divided into two categories, internal vacuum packaging machines, and external vacuum packaging machines. Internal vacuum packaging machines are also divided into single-chamber vacuum packaging machines, double-chamber vacuum packaging machines, rolling vacuum packaging machines, and continuous rolling vacuum packaging machines.

The similarities between the inner vacuum packaging machine and the outer vacuum packaging machine:

 (1) Composition of the vacuum packaging system. A complete vacuum system includes a vacuum pump, vacuum gauge, and vacuum solenoid valve.

  (2) Workflow. The main workflow of the vacuum packaging machine is vacuuming, heat sealing, air return, and circulation.

  the difference:

  (1) Structure. The outer pumping type is to put the air suction nozzle into the packaging bag of the packaged material, and the air is extracted to complete the packaging; the inner pumping type is to directly draw the air in the vacuum chamber into a vacuum and then seal it.

   (2) Packaging objects. The external pumping type is mainly used in the packaging of anti-oxidation products such as electronic products; the inner pumping type is mainly used for packaging products that require a high vacuum and clean and sanitary, such as food products.

   (3) The scope of application. The external pumping type does not require a very high degree of vacuum, but the packaged products are not only anti-impact but also beautiful in appearance; the inner pumping type is very important for removing oxygen and preventing the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, requiring high vacuum.

    (4) Air source. The external pumping type needs to be connected to an air source, while the inner pumping type only needs its own vacuum pump to complete the packaging process.