What Is The Complete Vacuum Packaging Machine Workflow?

- Oct 26, 2018-

The vacuum machine is mainly composed of a vacuum pump, a vacuum chamber, a heating device, a circuit system and the like. The vacuum packaging machine works mainly by discharging the air in the closed vacuum chamber through a vacuum pump. In this way, the air in the packaged articles placed in the vacuum chamber can be discharged to form a vacuum environment. The bag opening is closed when the packaging material is instantaneously heated by the heating means, thereby forming a vacuum packaging process.

Vacuum process

The vacuum chamber is closed, the vacuum pump works, the vacuum chamber starts to vacuum, the vacuum inside the packaging bag, the vacuum gauge pointer rises, reaches the rated vacuum (set by the circuit system), the vacuum pump stops working, and the vacuum stops.

Heat sealing process

After the vacuum process is completed, the pressure difference between the vacuum chamber and the hot air chamber (airbag) is utilized, and the hot air chamber is inflated and expanded, so that the upper heat pressing frame is moved downward (the upper heat pressing frame is moved up), and the bag mouth is pressed, and at the same time The hot air transformer works, starts sealing, moves after a few seconds, and the heat seal ends (the heat sealing time is set by the road circuit system).

Go back process

Open the solenoid valve, the atmosphere enters the vacuum chamber, the vacuum gauge pointer returns to zero, the hot press frame is reset by the return spring (gravity), and the vacuum chamber is opened. The vacuum chamber is moved to another vacuum chamber, that is, the next working process is entered, and the left and right chambers are alternately operated, and the cycle is repeated.