What Is Milk Powder Packaging Machine

- May 29, 2018-


Milk Powder Packaging Machine is a powder packaging machine under a new type of packaging machine, is aimed at milk powder, milk powder, such as milk products for packaging and sealing machine a new machine. Milk Powder Packaging Machine is subordinate to powder powder packaging machinery, the packaging machine can be milk powder, soy milk powder, starch, condiments, enzymes, feed and other powder-like, granular materials packaging. The bag-making system of milk powder packaging machine adopts stepper motor subdivision technology, controller Chinese character display, heat seal four-way temperature control, reliable photoelectric detection system, automatic printing batch number or production date, packaging finished cut easy to tear mouth, metering screw driven by stepper motor can obtain very high repeatability precision, production materials are made of stainless steel, Contact with the materials used in the 316 stainless steel, the packaging machine in full compliance with the GMP requirements of medicine.