What Is A Ton Bag Packaging Machine

- Oct 18, 2018-


Ton bag packaging machine, also known as big bag packaging machine, ton bag packing machine, ton bag packing scale, is a new generation of intelligent packaging products designed by our company for different characteristics of packaging materials and different requirements of manufacturers. After the artificial hanging bag, the automatic feeding, automatic metering and automatic decoupling are high-precision environment-friendly packaging machines integrating electronic weighing, automatic bag removal and dust removal.

        According to the different characteristics of the packaging materials, a variety of feeding methods can be used, such as double helix feeding, lock impeller feeding, gravity gravity feeding, belt conveying and feeding, stepless speed regulation, full load metering, fast and slow speed. Control and high precision. Manual bagging automatically completes the bagging, metering, loose bag, conveying and other actions.

        The ton bag packaging machine is suitable for the quantitative packaging of powder, granular materials and block materials with good fluidity. Used in cement, chemical, feed, fertilizer, metallurgy, minerals, building materials and other industries.