What Is A Rice Polisher Machine

- Jun 14, 2018-

The rice polisher machine is mainly made up of fixed spanner, tightened nut wrench, brush, hopper, grinding wheel, wire brush and so on. The mechanical force of mechanical equipment is widely used to peel and whiten brown rice. The mechanical equipment is called rice milling machine.


Which types are the main types of rice mill

There are mainly three types of small rice mills in China: separate rice milling machine, rice milling machine and rice milling machine.

The separated rice polisher machine is easy to operate and low in price, but the machine is aging and the rice quality is poor.

The rice polisher machine has good quality, but its structure is complex and its price is more expensive.

The air jet milling machine has good performance price ratio. It can finish the shelling and whitening program once. The processed rice is white and bright. In recent years, it has become the mainstream product of the market.