What Is A Mask Making Machine

- May 27, 2020-

The mask machine is a multi-layer non-woven fabric made by hot pressing, folding forming, ultrasonic welding, scrap removal, ear strap bridge welding and other processes to produce various masks with certain filtering performance. The mask equipment is not a single machine, it requires The cooperation of multiple machines completes various processes. The most popular mask equipment in the market includes: cup-type mask machine, non-woven flat mask machine, N95 mask machine, 3M9001 / 9002 folding mask machine, duckbill mask machine, three-dimensional dust mask machine, etc.
Plane mask machine
The ultrasonic inner earband mask machine uses ultrasonic welding. When the mask is moved to the processing position, the ultrasonic waves are automatically generated, forming a micro-amplitude high-frequency vibration on the earband, and instantly converted into heat, melting the material to be processed, and finally making the ear It is permanently pasted or embedded on the inside of the mask body. It is the last processing step in the production of inner ear band masks. Only one operator is required to place the mask body piece by piece in the mask tray. .
Work flow: (mask body) manual feeding → automatic earband feeding → ultrasonic earband welding → nonwoven fabric sideband feeding and wrapping → ultrasonic sideband welding → sideband cutting → finished product output → counting → finished product stacking → conveying With device