What Is A Fully Automatic Packaging Machine

- Jan 21, 2019-

Automatic packaging machine, from automatic unpacking → automatic packing → automatic weighing → coding → automatic I-shaped sealing → automatic four-corner sealing → automatic well-type binding → palletizing system → automatic pallet packing → automatic Horizontal bundling → automatic online winding → completion.

The small automatic packaging machine is mainly used for solid grain packaging, plastic granules, food, and other solid packaging. It is internally heated and is the smallest at home and abroad. Advanced models with lower prices. It is the most suitable product for plastic pellets, grains, and other food factories.


1. Fully automatic packaging machinery for a wide range of uses:

In the market: food, chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry are all in use (the machinery industry is relatively small).

2. Easy to use

Complete multiple processes at one time: pull bag, bag, charge, code, count, meter, seal, send out product, automate, no operation after setting.

3. High efficiency:

The production of fully automatic packaging machines in the Chinese market has replaced the handcrafted products of the 1980s with a capacity of nearly 120-240 packs, which is many times higher than that at that time.

4. Clean and energy saving

Clean and use the automatic packaging machine No need to do manual work. May use clean, save materials, save money, save money, and save energy.


In the domestic market, the automatic packaging machine mainly has three kinds of bag making, bag feeding and tank feeding.