What Is A Filling And Packaging Machine

- Jun 22, 2018-


Filling packaging machine is a machine for filling and packaging production lines of emulsified products.

Filling packaging machines are used to fill and package production lines for emulsified products. The roller is used as a mechatronic product. The filling packaging machine has high requirements on the reliability of the control system, and requires maintenance and use convenience.

Filling machine features

Through the comparison of similar automation, Delta's industrial automation product platform was finally selected as the core control system of the packaging machine. The control system solution is based on the system integration of DELTA AE series man-machine interface, EH series PLC, ASD-AB servo system and other products. The roller can use its product's data communication function to construct the control solution flexibly. ASD-AB servo system has the advantages of higher reliability and more precise control than the traditional PLC pulse motion control scheme.

The PR control single-axis positioning control method is a unique function of Delta AB series servo system. The positioning angle and servo speed of the rotation of the roller motor are determined by the internal position register and the speed register, respectively.