What Does 500 Tons Daily Output Rice Factory Look Like?

- May 14, 2020-

As the labor cost is increasing, more and more fully automatic packing machine replace works that done by worker before.

"What does the future rice factory look like?"

Is the technology beyond the imagination bring shocking visual operation?

Or is a comprehensive breakthrough in packaging technology bringing a brand new experience?


Today, Liaoning Longren Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. gave the answer to explore the future of the new form of rice industry 40,000 tons of storage capacity, daily production of 500 tons of polished rice with a futuristic automated packaging workshop! Jialong Technology's FQR series, rice vacuum packing machine tailor-made full-automatic metering and packaging solutions for Longren Rice Industry, as simple as "true intelligence", strength subverts imagination, the future is foreseen here!