What Are The Types Of Automatic Packaging Machine Equipment Failures?

- Jul 13, 2018-


Although the automatic packaging machine equipment is the equipment with high automation and high production efficiency in the packaging machine industry, it is inevitable that such failures occur. We all know that failure will not only disrupt the production order, but also the product. Quality, cost, safety and other aspects cause different degrees of adverse effects, causing economic losses to enterprises. This article is the analysis of two reasons why the Jinan Xunjie Xiaobian solves the problem caused by the packaging machine equipment, and summarizes the fault type and fault management plan to help everyone prevent or reduce the fault and improve the technical status of the automatic packaging machine equipment. .

First, the cause of the failure of the automatic packaging machine equipment:

(1) The environment of the packaging machine equipment production site is not good

1, the higher temperature, greater humidity on the machine (22 ± 2 ° C is the best temperature, relative humidity is 55 ~ 60%). If the original fit is changed due to the expansion of the part in a high temperature and high humidity environment, the looseness of the joint or the increase of wear will be greatly affected, especially the slide made of non-metallic material. Wait. When components move relative to each other, they are prone to failure due to deformation, and some components and parts may be damaged seriously, and may even cause production shutdowns.

2. The effect of dust on the machine. If the equipment is in a dusty environment for a long time, when the dust falls between the relatively moving members, the components are prone to wear and tear, and the loosening of the parts during the movement of the machine will cause uncoordinated movements.

(2) Failure caused by packaging materials

The quality of the packaging film is not good, the pulling force does not meet the required requirements, resulting in insufficient overlap of the molding overlap, loose packaging, and the shape does not meet the requirements.

The quality of the packaging film is not good, the edge is too hairy, the shape of the heat sealing is irregular, the product cannot be closely attached to the product during heat shrinking, the shape error cannot be accurately conveyed into place, the channel is easily blocked, causing downtime, causing poor conveying failure.