What Are The Types Of Packaging Machines?

- Dec 13, 2018-

There are many types of packaging machines and there are many classification methods. There are many different perspectives, which are divided into categories according to the type of machinery:

Liquid packaging machine, powder packaging machine, granule packaging machine, body packaging machine, sauce packaging machine, electronic combination scale packaging machine,

Pillow packaging machine; according to the packaging function, there are inner packaging, outsourcing packaging machine; according to the packaging industry, there are food, daily chemicals,

Packaging machines for textiles; according to the packaging station, there are single-station, multi-station packaging machines; according to the degree of automation, there are semi-automatic,

Automatic packaging machine, etc.

The vacuum packaging machine is divided into a horizontal vacuum packaging machine and a vertical vacuum packaging machine according to the placement position of the packaging materials. Level true

The packaged contents of the empty packaging machine are placed horizontally; the packaged contents of the vertical vacuum packaging machine are placed vertically. Horizontal vacuum packaging machine

More common in the market.

(1) Transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine

It is mainly used for three-dimensional packaging of transparent film of various medium and high-grade products. The effect is as beautiful as that of cigarette case, which has energy saving and energy saving.

The effect is beautiful and so on.

(2) Filling machine

A filling machine is a packaging machine that loads a precise number of packages into various containers. The main types are:

1 volumetric filling machine. Including measuring cup, intubation, plunger, material level, screw, timing filling machine.

2 weighing filling machine. Including intermittent weighing, continuous weighing, weighing - centrifugation and other filling machines.

3 counting filling machine. Includes single-piece counting and multi-piece counting filling machines.

(3) Sealing machine

The sealing machine is a machine for sealing a container filled with a package, and the main types thereof are:

1 No sealing material sealing machine. Including hot pressing, cold pressing, fusion welding, plug-in, folding and other sealing machines.

2 There is a sealing material sealing machine. Including rotary, rolling, crimping, press-fit and other sealing machines.

3 has an auxiliary sealing material sealing machine. Including tape type, bonding type, nailing type, ligation type, stitching type and other sealing machine.

(4) Wrapper

A wrapping machine is a packaging machine that wraps the package in whole or in part with a flexible packaging material. The main types are:

1 full wrap wrapper. Including wrap, cover, body, seam and other wrappers.

2 half-wrapped wrapper. Including folding, shrinking, stretching, winding and other wrapping machines.

(5) Multi-functional packaging machine

This type of packaging machine has two or more functions. The main types are:

1 filling and sealing machine. It has two functions of filling and sealing.

2 molding filling and sealing machine. It has three functions of forming, filling and sealing. The types of molding include bag molding, bottle molding,

Box molding, blister molding, melt molding, and the like.

3 stereotype filling and sealing machine. It has the functions of shaping, filling and sealing. Stereotype

4 double-sided sealing machine. It can seal both the cover and the bottom. When sealing, the box can be placed sideways or placed.

(6) shrink packaging machine

The shrink packaging machine is in the process of shrinking, does not affect the quality of the package, and can shrink quickly and perfectly, after packaging

It can be sealed, moisture-proof and impact-proof, and is suitable for tight packaging and tray packaging of multiple items.

1 heat shrink packaging machine. Adopt PLC and touch screen automatic computer control, and have no membrane alarm and sealing and cutting obstacles

Police function

2 tableware shrink packaging machine. It is a special shrink packaging machine for tableware.

3 sheet shrink packaging machine. It is designed for shrinkage packaging of panels such as door panels and glass panels, and is suitable for any shrink film.

Shrink wrap

4 food shrink packaging machine. Used in light industry, food, beverage, candy, stationery, arts and crafts, hardware tools,

Daily necessities, chemical products, etc.

5 far infrared shrinking machine. The packaged articles can be sealed, protected from moisture, and protected from external impact.

It has a certain cushioning property and is widely used in the packaging of various small products.