What Are The Precautions When Using A Vacuum Packaging Machine?

- Jul 17, 2018-

1 know your vacuum packaging machine

For your personal safety, please read this manual carefully. The application and limitations of vacuum packaging machines, as well as the potential hazards associated with machines, are well known.

2 keep the work area clean

The messy area and workbench are unsafe and are likely to cause accidents.

3 Do not use vacuum packaging machine in hazardous environments

Do not use in a wet or rain-proof workshop. Do not expose the vacuum packaging machine to rain. Do not use it in a high temperature or explosive environment to prevent fire or explosion. Keep the working area well lit.

4 non-professionals don

All visitors must maintain an effective safety distance in the work area.

5 Do not force the vacuum packaging machine

Allow the vacuum packaging machine to perform safely within the performance range of its design, and do not force the machine or the attached device to perform work.

6 wearing appropriate work clothes

Avoid wearing loose clothing, gloves, necklaces, bracelets, or jewelry and apparel that may be caught in the moving part. It is recommended to wear non-slip shoes and wear a hood that can cover long hair.

7 Do not maintain the machine while the vacuum packaging machine is working.

The machine should be properly maintained, such as lubrication and adjustment. However, it cannot be maintained while the machine is live or running.

8 properly ground the vacuum packaging machine

Before the vacuum packaging machine is installed and used, it is necessary to establish a reliable grounding with the conductor to prevent accidental electric leakage and damage.

9 vacuum packaging machine should be powered off

Before using the correct tools for equipment repair, repairing, replacing parts, or when assembling and reinstalling the motor, the machine must be disconnected from the external mains.

10 accessories

To carefully check the recommended accessories in the manual, the vacuum packaging machine can only use the fixed configuration and the vulnerable and special components specified by the company. Various accessories that are not compatible with it will affect the performance of the vacuum packaging machine.

11 running care

Do not let the vacuum packaging machine run unattended. When the operator leaves, turn off the machine in time.

12 protective cover is necessary to protect personnel safety

Keep the shield in the original design position and do not disassemble it. The removal of the shield if necessary shall be carried out by a qualified person. When the vacuum packaging machine is running, there is a reciprocating motion or rotation. During work, do not put your hand over the protective cover into the moving (rotating) area. Do not open the protective cover without turning it on.

13 ventilation

If the material packaged in the vacuum packaging machine is irritating or toxic, the exhaust fan should be installed according to the actual situation, and the room should be well ventilated.

14 sterilization treatment