What Are The Daily Maintenance Precautions For Weighing Packaging Machines?

- Aug 06, 2019-

1. The motor changer should change the oil for the first time after 2000 hours of operation, and change the oil every 6000 hours.

2. Root overload operation to avoid damage to the sensor.

3. Regularly clean and view all parts of the scale body to eliminate the problem in the bud.

4. After the daily work is completed, drain the water in the oil-water separator and refuel regularly.

5. After the appearance or sensor is replaced, the scale body is calibrated. There is no special case, and generally it is not necessary to calibrate.

6. Ensure that the equipment and control box have excellent electrical grounding.

7. Make sure that the channel or steel structure supporting the scale body is stable. Do not connect the scale body with the oscillating equipment.

8. Ensure that the incoming material is even, stable and adequate.

9. Ensure that the gas and power supply are secure and secure.

10. When repairing and using the welder in the scale or its surrounding equipment, be careful not to form a current loop between the sensor and the wire.

11. The problem should be dealt with in a timely manner to avoid the spread of problems and affect the production.