What Are The Classifications Of Vacuum Packaging Machines?

- Jul 11, 2018-


Vacuum packaging machines can be divided into the following three categories according to their basic uses:

1. Food vacuum packaging machine. Such vacuum packaging machines should have a temperature control before vacuum packaging, and the equipment has its own cooling system, so it has high requirements for preservation.

2. Medical vacuum packaging machine. Such a vacuum packaging machine should have a vacuuming form that allows the product to be stored for a long period of time; since the medical vacuum packaging machine should be used in a high-demand place such as a dust-free aseptic workshop, such a vacuum packaging machine can also be applied to The bacteria require food packaging to achieve good results.

3. Vacuum packaging machine for electronic products. Electronic products use vacuum packaging machines to protect the internal metal parts from moisture and oxidation.

4, tea vacuum packaging machine. This is a machine that combines weighing, outer packaging and inner packaging. The birth of tea vacuum packaging machine marks a big step in the domestic tea packaging level, and truly realizes the standardization of tea packaging.

Internal pumping

Conventional points: single-chamber vacuum packaging machine, double-chamber vacuum packaging machine, desktop vacuum packaging machine, tea vacuum packaging machine, can be used for solid, liquid, powder, paste-like food, food, fruit, pickles, preserves, chemicals, Vacuum packaging of electronic components, precision instrument tables, rare metals, etc., the packaging effect is compact, firm and beautiful.

External pumping

The external vacuum packaging machine is mainly divided into:

(1) Relay + vacuum generator

(2) Relay + high quality vacuum pump

(3) PLC control + high quality vacuum pump

(4) PLC control + liquid crystal display + high quality vacuum pump

These four kinds of matching are very wide in the market, but (4) PLC control + liquid crystal display + high quality vacuum pump is the most convenient operation, the degree of visualization is higher, and the maintenance rate is the lowest. This machine is most suitable for large or special items.