Vacuum Packaging Machine Maintenance Method

- Aug 21, 2018-


Vacuum packaging machine maintenance method

The working strength of the vacuum packaging machine is also very large, so for the production company, the correct operation and maintenance is a key measure to extend the life of the equipment. The following is a detailed introduction to the maintenance and cleaning of the vacuum packaging machine, I hope to be useful to everyone!


1. Timing to the gear meshing part of the vacuum packaging machine, the oil hole of the bearing seat and the lubricating parts of each moving part are lubricated with oil every shift. The reducer is strictly prohibited from running without oil. After the first operation for 300 hours, the inside of the cleaning is replaced with new oil, and then the oil is changed every 2,500 hours. When filling the lubricating oil, please be careful not to drop the oil on the transmission belt to prevent the slipping or the belt from premature aging damage. It should be used in an environment where the temperature is -10 °C - 50 °C, the relative humidity is not more than 85%, there is no corrosive gas in the surrounding air, no dust, no explosion hazard. Like the baler and shrink machine, this automatic packaging machine is a three-phase 380V power supply.

2. Always check the screws of all parts of the automatic packaging machine, and there must be no looseness. The electrical parts should be waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosive and anti-rat. Ensure that the electrical control box and terminal are clean to prevent electrical failure. When the machine is stopped, the two heat seal bodies should be in the open position to prevent the package material from being burnt.

3. The metering part should be cleaned in time after shutdown. For packaged materials with high sugar content such as granules, the cleaning turntable and the discharge door should be guaranteed for each shift. Clean the heat seal body frequently to ensure that the packaged finished bag seals the lines clearly. For the scattered materials, it should be cleaned up in time to keep the parts of the automatic packaging machine clean, in order to prolong the service life. Always clean the photoelectric switch (electric eye) head to ensure reliable operation. Frequently clean the dust inside the electric control box to prevent electrical faults such as short circuit or poor contact.