Vacuum Packaging Machine Common Fault Analysis And Solution

- Nov 13, 2018-

When using a vacuum packaging machine, you will often encounter some common faults. Let Jialong summarize some experiences and experiences for you, and hope to help you.

First, the failure phenomenon: can not vacuum

Causes and solutions:

1. Start the contactor of the vacuum pump and replace it.

2. The travel switch is damaged or not in place, replaced or adjusted.

3. The upper and lower covers are not matched, and the pressure is pressed down on the cover.

4. The vacuum pump is reversed to adjust the phase of the power supply.

5. The vacuum pump motor is burned and replaced.

Second, the failure phenomenon: insufficient vacuum

Causes and solutions:

1. The pipe connection is loose and inspected.

2. The vacuum chamber or solenoid valve leaks, check or replace.

3. The pipe leaks and is replaced.

4. The vacuum chamber seal is damaged and replaced.

5, the vacuum time is not enough, extend the time.

Third, the failure phenomenon: the upper cover of the vacuum chamber can not be opened

Causes and solutions: Damage or poor contact of the bleed solenoid valve, check or replace.

Fourth, the failure phenomenon: poor sealing

Causes and solutions:

1. The sealing solenoid valve is not opened or damaged, check.

2. The air bag is leaking and replaced.

<3, sealing time or heat sealing temperature is not suitable, reset.

4. There is dirt on the plane at the seal and it is removed.

5. The sealing activity is partially stuck or inflexible and adjusted.

6. The surface of polytetrafluoroethylene varnish is carbonized, damaged and replaced.

7, sealing electric wrinkles, deformation, replacement.