How Does A Vacuum Packaging Machine Achieve Sterility In The True Sense?

- Sep 30, 2018-

At present, vacuum packaging, box packaging, and aluminum foil packaging on the market are all pre-packaged. This type of packaging is divided into several types of packaging that are sold under normal temperature, low temperature and freezing conditions. However, the safety of food packaging depends mainly on its sterilization and sterilization.

Packaging methods such as vacuum packaging machines and nitrogen-filled packaging cannot achieve absolute bactericidal effects in a certain sense. If there is no sterilization or sterilization procedure, only the air is exhausted, then the shelf life of the food is only a few days. Some foods on the market will indicate on the packaging whether the product has been subjected to high temperature sterilization or pasteurization, etc., and the consumer can identify it by the relevant mark on the package. In contrast, foods such as aseptic packaging or sterile packaging are safer and have less bacteria.

"Aseptic" packaging is a way to sterilize and package packaged foods in a sterile environment by means of instant ultra-high temperature sterilization technology. Most of them are packaged by different forms of extrusion, composite molding, etc. It can better preserve food, extend shelf life, save energy, reduce costs and achieve environmentally friendly packaging. Food packaging is part of the food composition. Sterilization vacuum packaging machine is an important equipment for food packaging. Food sterilization is one of the main parts of the food industry process. It can prevent the damage caused by some microorganisms and affect the deterioration of the food during the process of leaving the food from the factory to the customer. Extend the shelf life of food and better preserve it.

The sterilization vacuum packaging machine is a very important equipment in the food packaging industry. The sterilization vacuum packaging machine has a good bactericidal effect on packaging materials, packaging accessories and packaging parts such as products and packaging containers, and can effectively kill microorganisms and reduce them to The allowed range.

The sterilization vacuum packaging machine is a device for fruits and vegetables, fruit juice drinks, concentrated juice, milk, etc. or the like.