The advantages of small rice package

- Jan 18, 2018-

As the saying goes: "Food is the most important thing for people,rice is the most important food." As our daily staple food, the quality and nutritional value of rice can directly affect our health.

The storage of rice is especially important. If it is improperly stored, mildew will turn yellow into milky rice containing strong carcinogens. The main reason for the yellowing of rice is that due to its high moisture content during storage, rice generates heat under the action of fermentation, resulting in mildew multiplication, mildew and yellowing. Mold contains aflatoxin fungus, is a carcinogen. The consequences of eating carcinogenic rice is very serious, symptoms of poisoning manifested as fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, loss of appetite, is one of the major risk factors for the induction of liver cancer. Medical experts point out that consumption of "cancer-causing rice" although not one-time toxicity is not that big, but long-term consumption will undoubtedly cause cancer. Because aflatoxin is the strongest bio-carcinogen found so far.


Due to the harsh storage requirements of rice, many "black holes" appear in the processing of rice. For example, after the cereal is processed into rice, the finished rice needs to go through other processing before it can be stored, transported, and then sold to the mall. This process needs more time. Some dealers, who do not have good storage conditions, use some additives and thickeners to prevent mildew in the rice during this period, in order to ensure that the rice is not spoiled. However, the rice kept in such a conservation measure will have a great harm to people's health if it is bought after going home.

So how can we better save the rice? Zhangzhou Jialong Technology Co., Ltd. produced a variety of small rice vacuum packaging machine, its shelf life than the average package to extend more than doubled. Once the large vacuum packed rice was disused, the storage conditions of the rice deteriorated immediately. Spring and winter at normal temperature, shelf life of 2-3 months, if it is summer, especially in hot and humid South, its shelf life but also to re-play half discount. Two or two installed Yimi Mi, according to the required to open the package, there is no surplus, the purchase of rice in spring, summer, autumn and winter all in a vacuum, wet moisture, pests and diseases can not get in, the impact of high temperature is greatly reduced, so You can eat in peacetime for one year.