The Specific Application Of Vacuum Packaging Machinery In The Food Industry

- Jul 07, 2020-

In the food field, automated vacuum packaging machinery has many advantages, so its application will be more extensive. At present, this equipment is not only used in the production of high-temperature, flexible packaging food, but also in the production of stewed vegetables, light meal packaging, and packaging of many quick-frozen foods.

Due to the large differences between the production process and the quality of the raw materials of different food products, the requirements for the degree of vacuum are also different. Generally speaking, the vacuum degree of most foods only needs to satisfy 94% or more. With the help of automated packaging equipment, the vacuum degree of food packaging can reach 97% or even higher. After the food is subjected to high-temperature sterilization, the use of flexible packaging for packaging can effectively extend the shelf life, and the carrying process is more convenient.

It should be noted that the quality of the seal must be strictly controlled to prevent food deterioration. On the one hand, when packaging stewed dishes and light meals, the equipment department must make certain adjustments to the product characteristics of stewed dishes. For example, add an appropriate amount of soup to the stewed dishes. After vacuum processing, the food can be locked to the greatest extent. The original taste. On the other hand, when packaging meatballs and meat paste foods, quick-freezing is required after the vacuum packaging work is completed. In addition, for the vacuum packaging of agricultural and sideline products such as vegetables and soybean products, it is necessary to select a vacuum packaging machine for food packaging according to the specific conditions of the food and the different needs of users, to give the food a good anaerobic state, and to extend the food’s life Fresh-keeping cycle.

In the specific packaging process, the film needs to be heated first, and then the corresponding items are placed. Since the film has the advantages of good quality, high-temperature resistance, and good transparency, there are no more restrictions on packaged food. At this stage, some small vacuum food packaging machinery has appeared on the market. While small packaging machinery has entered thousands of households, it has also solved the problem of perishable food in the daily life of residents and provided secondary food packaging and packaging for residents. The great convenience is provided for field trips.

At present, residents have more stringent requirements for food packaging. With the wide application of vacuum packaging machinery, not only has the health and safety of vacuum packaging been effectively improved, but the deliciousness of food has also been maximized. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the research and innovation of food vacuum packaging machinery and equipment, face the gap between domestic and foreign equipment manufacturing industries, and innovate machinery manufacturing processes and technologies to meet the needs of different customers to the greatest extent.