Technical Characteristics Of The Ton Bag Packaging Machine

- Aug 08, 2018-


Technical characteristics of the ton bag packaging machine

The ton bag packaging machine is suitable for packaging bulk materials with large packaging capacity. The package adopts stepless speed regulation and can automatically take off the bag. With weight accumulation display and automatic peeling, automatic zero correction, automatic drop correction and other functions.

The tonnage packaging machine mainly has the following characteristics

1. Ton bag packaging machine is tailor-made and designed according to the different characteristics of the powder materials and the different requirements of the manufacturer. The equipment is advanced in technology, durable and has few wearing parts.

2. The feeding and packaging of the ton bag packaging machine is stepless speed regulation, the equipment performance is stable, the packaging precision is high, and the speed is fast.

3. Programmable electronic control system with highly reliable control process.

4. Dust-proof and dust-removing design is advanced to reduce dust pollution in the working environment.

5. The weighing system is an electronic weighing platform scale metering. It adopts full-board digital calibration and parameter setting. It has functions such as weight accumulation display and automatic peeling, automatic zero correction and automatic drop correction. It has high sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability.

6. The instrument is equipped with a communication interface for easy online connection, real-time monitoring and network management of the packaging machine.