How To Solve The Common Failure Of Vacuum Packaging Machine

- Sep 10, 2018-

Vacuum packaging machine is one of the most popular and hot-selling packaging equipment in the packaging industry. Vacuum packaging equipment rarely fails compared with traditional trapping machinery. However, due to the high degree of automation, the machine may be caused by operational errors. The failure causes the packaging work to be impossible, and the maintenance cost of the vacuum packaging machine is relatively high. The following teaches you how to solve the glitch that is common in production.

1. The vacuum packaging machine fuse is blown. Solution: Replace the fuse with a new one.

2. The micro switch does not touch, and the vacuum pumping of the signal transmitted by the micro switch cannot continue normally. Solution: After the vacuum packaging machine is closed, the vacuum pumping time is zero. This is the adjustment of the rotary button for the given pumping time. Therefore, the vacuum cover of the machine cannot be closed normally, so it is necessary to adjust the micro switch to normal. Location can solve the problem.

3. The power socket of the vacuum packaging machine is in poor contact and cannot work normally. Solution: There have been cases where the customer has placed everything in the device, but ignored the most basic power problems.

4. The machine voltage is insufficient, and the vacuum packaging machine cannot work normally. Solution: The voltage of the vacuum packaging machine is 380V. If the voltage is too small, it may not be able to drive the machine to work normally. This requires a suitable working power supply.