Rice Vacuum Packing Machine

- Mar 19, 2019-

“Metamorphic fresh rice” selects the rice produced in the Fujin Golden Rice Zone, one of the three remaining black soils in the world at 47° north latitude, insisting on the combination of modern production and original ecological farming, in the process of automated packaging production, the largest The limit retains the excellent quality of “metamorphic fresh rice”, thus ensuring the delicious flavor of the legendary Gongmi of Northeast Rice since ancient times!

flatten vacuum

Heilongjiang Yuanshi Agricultural Science and Technology Group (formerly known as Heilongjiang Jinma Agricultural Group, renamed on November 5, 2018), Yuanshi Agricultural Group has always been: "brand agriculture, scientific and technological agriculture, smart agriculture, healthy agriculture" as the development direction, At the beginning of 2018, Jialong Technology's Rice vacuum packing machine was introduced in time. Up to now, a single unit has produced nearly 3 million packages, which greatly eased the pressure of order delivery and realized the transformation and upgrading to the intelligent direction. With the sale of ultra-high quality products escort!