Purchase Food Packaging Machine Precautions

- Dec 18, 2018-

peanut-packaging-machine.jpg1. Be sure to pay attention to the size of the bag before purchasing the food packaging machine. The size of the sealing line is also the height of the vacuum chamber and the center distance. These sizes can help you determine how big you can pack, based on the most basic conditions to determine if the machine is right for you.

2. Also understand the equipment configuration before purchasing the food packaging machine. This configuration does not refer to the electrical configuration, but to the vacuum pump. The vacuum pump is the core component of the vacuum packaging machine. Its working efficiency directly determines the working efficiency of the vacuum packaging machine, and this is also the fundamental difference between the prices of major manufacturers.

3. Before placing an order, you need to understand the additional problems of the food packaging machine. For example, whether the quotation includes shipping costs, and which accessories are randomly given, what are the vulnerable parts and consumables of the machine, etc., the purchase of 

equipment is a one-time investment, but the purchase of consumables is a long-term thing, choose a reliable food packaging machine factory is very important.