Precautions Before Use Of Vacuum Packaging Machine

- Sep 26, 2018-

The use of many machines in our lives, although we can't see them, is closely related to our lives. For example, the vacuum packaging machine that Xiaobian wants to introduce to you today uses its functions in many places of life. Here is a share of the use of vacuum packaging machine and precautions.

First, preparation before use

1. The vacuum packaging machine is placed smoothly, check whether the cover is smooth, and automatically jump after the hand is released.

2. Equipped with power supply that meets the requirements of the model.

3. Check if the position of the vacuum pump vacuum surface is correct. If it is not correct, adjust it (see the vacuum pump instruction manual for details).

4. Ground the unit well.

5. Turn on the power, turn on the power switch, and close the cover to see if the vacuum pump is running normally.

Second, the adjustment before use

1. Select the degree of vacuum. Vacuum packaging machine pumping time, digital display, continuous adjustable, small vacuum packaging machine pumping time for digital rotary 0-30 seconds adjustable. Adjust the length of the pumping time to achieve the required vacuum.

2. Select the heating temperature. Select the desired heating temperature based on the material of the package and adjust the heating temperature knob to the appropriate position.

3. Adjust the heating time. Heating time, digital display, continuously adjustable, adjust the heating time knob according to the packaging material and heating temperature used, and choose the appropriate heating time.

4. Select the silicone word of the sealing silicone rubber strip according to the need, and set the sealing date and other characters.