Precautions For Vacuum Packaging Machine Packaging Tea

- Aug 27, 2020-

The vacuum packaging machine packs some of our products by pumping air or inflating. It can pack everything. We must pay attention to many things when packaging food, because food is easy to corrode and deteriorate, which affects the taste. Different foods There are different precautions. Today we will mainly understand the content of the precautions when packaging tea.

1, choke

The fragrance of tea leaves is easily lost and is easily affected by external odors. In particular, the residual solvents of the composite film and the odors decomposed by electric ironing and heat sealing treatments will affect the flavor of the tea and affect the aroma of the tea. Therefore, when the tea packaging machine packs tea, it should avoid escaping fragrance from the package and absorbing a peculiar smell from the outside. The packaging material of tea needs to have certain gas barrier properties.


2, anti-high temperature

Temperature is an important factor that affects the quality of tea. The temperature difference is 10℃, and the chemical reaction rate differs by 3 to 5 times. Tea leaves will aggravate the oxidation of contained substances at high temperatures, leading to a rapid reduction of effective substances such as polyphenols and rapid deterioration of quality. The storage temperature of the tea leaves is better than 5℃. At 10~15℃, the color of tea leaves decreases slowly. The color effect can be maintained well, when the temperature exceeds 25 ℃, the color of the tea will change quickly. Therefore, tea leaves are suitable for storage at low temperatures.


3, moisture-proof

The vacuum packaging machine can efficiently complete the vacuum packaging of tea. Moisture is the medium for the biochemical changes of tea. Low moisture content is conducive to the preservation of tea quality. The water content in tea should not exceed 5%, and 3% is suitable for long-term storage, otherwise, the ascorbic acid in tea is easy to decompose, and the color, aroma, and taste of tea will change, especially at higher temperatures, the rate of deterioration Will speed up. When packaging the tea packaging machine, you can choose a good moisture-proof performance, such as aluminum foil or aluminum foil vapor-deposited film as the basic material of the composite film as the packaging material for moisture-proof packaging.


4. Anti-oxidation

The oxygen content in the packaging of the tea vacuum packaging machine is too high, which will cause the oxidative deterioration of certain components in the tea. For example, ascorbic acid is easily oxidized to become deoxyascorbic acid. And it further reacts with amino acids to make the tea taste worse. therefore. The oxygen content in tea packaging should be effectively controlled below 1%. In the tea packaging machine packaging technology. An inflatable packaging method or packaging method can be used to reduce the presence of oxygen. Vacuum packaging technology is to put the tea into a soft film packaging bag with good airtightness. During packaging, the air in the bag is removed, resulting in a certain degree of vacuum, and then the packaging method is sealed and sealed; the inflatable packaging technology is to fill in an inert gas such as nitrogen while expelling the air, the purpose is to protect the color, aroma, and taste of the tea. Unchanged, maintaining its original quality.


5, shading

Light can promote the oxidation of chlorophyll and lipids in tea, increase glutaraldehyde, propionaldehyde, and other odorous substances in tea, and accelerate the aging of tea. Therefore, when packaging tea, the tea packaging machine must be shaded to prevent chlorophyll, Lipids, and other components that undergo photocatalytic reactions. In addition, ultraviolet light is also an important factor in causing the deterioration of tea. Shading packaging technology can be used to solve such problems.


The above is an introduction to the precautions of our vacuum packaging machine when packaging tea, I hope it will be helpful to you. If our packaged products are bulging or leaking, it means that our packaging technology is unqualified. At this time, we must deal with it in time, otherwise, it will affect the taste of the tea and also affect the quality of the tea.