Particle Packaging Machine Selection Method

- Jan 16, 2019-

I. Overview:

The granule packing machine is divided into a fully automatic packaging machine and a semi-automatic packaging machine according to the degree of automation;

Semi-automatic packaging machine is divided into PLC system (currently the most advanced V3.0 system) and single-chip system according to the control system.

Automatic granule packing machine is divided into automatic bag-type packaging machine and automatic film-making automatic bag making and packaging machine

Second, the product selection method:

1, first according to the requirements of your product's production and budget to choose

2, if the budget is not too high, the output is not too big, it is recommended to choose semi-automatic models, semi-automatic models of the MCU control system, because it belongs to the system to be eliminated, therefore, it is not recommended to choose, here is not stated

3, semi-automatic granule packing machine model workflow:

Material added to the packaging machine storage hopper → set the required packaging weight (or call the relevant parameters) → set the relevant technical parameters → material into the weighing bucket measurement → bag receiving → complete measurement

3, according to the number of weighing buckets, the model is divided into double bucket packaging machine and four bucket packaging scale (this is flexible according to your output, of course, the more weighing buckets, the faster the packaging speed)

4, according to the different measurement range, can be divided into small scales, medium scales and large scales, which can be selected according to your own packaging range.

6. If you have a large output and a sufficient budget, you can choose automatic packaging machine.

7. There are two forms of automatic granule packing machine:

8. If you are a prefabricated bag, you can choose automatic bag-type packaging machine. This type of machine can complete a series of movements from bag taking, filling, sealing and printing date, completely replacing the labor, greatly improving the work. Efficiency, this model is divided into single-station and double-station according to different work stations. The two-station machine is equivalent to two single-station machines working at the same time, and the efficiency is higher;

10, you can also choose automatic film automatic bag making granule packaging machine, the machine can complete the process of bag making, filling, printing date, etc., according to the model is divided into 160, 320, 420, 620, 750 and so on. When purchasing this kind of equipment, you need to tell the manufacturer the size of the bag you need to choose the model that suits you best.

 Third, the conclusion

Choose the model of the granule packing machine to adhere to several principles:

1, not the more expensive the better, but the most suitable is the best,

2, the same model of the model can not only compare the price, it is best to let different manufacturers give you a list of equipment configuration, generally good equipment, configuration is higher, the failure rate is lower; therefore, the price is not It will be very low; generally I recommend buying a packaging machine with a moderate configuration, so that the troubles will be much less in the future.

3, must look at the after-sales service of the manufacturer, the general situation of the same model, if a manufacturer's offer is too low, basically no after-sales guarantee

4, shop around, no better, only more suitable