New Technology Of Rice Packing Machine Change People's Work

- Jul 13, 2020-

Not long ago

Hangzhou took the lead in entering the "5G era" as a pilot

Immediately after "Unmanned Supermarket", "Unmanned Hotel"

"Unmanned courier" and so on come into your eyes

This will be a prelude to another wave of people about to lose their jobs...

At that time,

Maybe there is no "post" concept,

Replaced by "tasks",

Such a trend,

Will change our lives!

Driverless, replacing the driver,

Unmanned delivery, replacing the courier,

Even the Forbidden City, the ticket office has been replaced,  

and also,

"Automatic packaging machine" on the assembly line

Replaces increasingly expensive labor

Zhangzhou Jialong Technology ZDB-900-Q8 fully automatic rice packing machine  was launched,

Instead of tedious manual operations,

Although some workers are unemployed,

However, we let the industry upgrade!

Let our rice factory employees

Do more technical work!