Maintenance Method And Precautions For Automatic Filling Machine

- Nov 26, 2018-

Special equipment for automatic non-gas beverages, integrating rinsing, filling and sealing. Based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, according to the requirements of the filling process of non-gas beverages, an advanced level of filling equipment has been developed. The automatic filling machine is mainly used for washing, filling and aluminum foil heat sealing of non-gas beverages such as milk, juice and pure water. The structure is reasonable, the operation is safe, the work is reliable, and the maintenance is convenient. It is an ideal filling equipment for large and medium-sized beverage factories.

Maintenance method of automatic filling machine:

Automatic filling machine is one of the necessary equipments for the production and processing of many food, beverage, medicine and daily chemical enterprises. It plays an increasingly important role in our life. Therefore, many companies need to purchase automatic filling machine equipment. Help achieve production.

Turn the switch under the liquid storage tank to the open position, so that the material can flow into the total metering pump. According to the total filling amount of each container, adjust the screw on the crank and rotate the knob of the filling speed control board to about 20 degrees. Then turn the switch on the filling speed control board to the open position. After the automatic filling machine is installed, the filling rail and the bottle receiving tray are leveled, the liquid storage tank is filled with materials, and all the electrical switches are in the closed position.

The automatic filling machine should also pay attention to its maintenance after use. When removing and removing the piston during maintenance, the fixing screws should be removed at the same time to avoid affecting the other process requirements when the first one is removed. Before the piston automatic filling machine is cleaned, the remaining product should be removed, and the automatic filling machine should be filled with soft cleaning liquid. The cylinder has been lubricated at the factory. Please do not open or add any lubricating oil to ensure that the surface of the three-in-one filling machine is clean and hygienic.

The filling method of the automatic filling machine is isostatic rotary filling. The filling valve is designed with special structure, the filling speed is fast and stable, and the efficiency is high. The sealing part is automatically fed and automatically sealed. Based on the three-in-one bottled water, the bottle washing, filling and sealing are integrated. It is not used in the traditional straight-line filling method for large bottles, which improves the automation, reduces the floor space and reduces the area. The number of operators reduces labor costs.