Jialong-The Leader In Metrology And Packaging Automation Technology!

- Jun 30, 2020-

Longfrog Agricultural New Third Board is a listed company with more than 30,000 acres of organic rice planting base. It has invested heavily in the construction of China's first "Cold Earth Black Soil Green Ecological Security Traceability System" to achieve full quality control from land to table. Dragon Frog Agriculture proposes to create a new concept of "Chinese good food" and determine its connotation: green, organic, safe, standard and traceable food.

The leader in metrology and packaging automation technology! The company specializes in the development, production and sales of mechatronics high-tech products such as electronic quantitative packaging scales, bulk grain scales, rice blenders, intelligent vacuum packaging machines and automatic control projects with independent intellectual property rights. Coarse grains, seeds and other industries are widely used. The company takes “high precision and special new” weighing and packaging technology as the research and development direction, and develops a variety of new products that are in a leading position in the country in terms of technical performance and automation every year, leading the Chinese metrology and packaging industry to enter the intelligent, automation, network Era.

There must be a product you want when you enter Jialong-quantitative packaging scale, two-sided six-sided vacuum integrated machine, automatic high-speed intelligent rice vacuum packaging machine, automatic measurement packaging and conveyor palletizing online loading production line, we have realized To provide customers with the goal of a comprehensive solution for measurement and packaging automation