Jialong Technology Inc. Undertakes The National Rice Federation Annual Conference

- Apr 27, 2018-

“The Strategic Alliance for Technological Innovation in the Rice Deep Processing Industry” is a national technology platform for rice processing industry innovation. It aims to integrate high-quality resources, consolidate strengths in production, research, and research, promote effective connection between technological innovation and industrial development, and promote scientific and technological achievements and advanced technologies of vacuum packing machine. Transformation and transfer will promote the improvement of the overall quality of the industry and enhance the core competitiveness.


The conference was hosted by the National Rice Intensive Processing Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance and was hosted by Zhangzhou Jialong Technology Co., Ltd., and was chaired by Chen Liangyu, Secretary-General of the National Rice automatic rice packing machine Precision Processing Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, and invited the Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician Xie Hua'an, Beijing Industry and Commerce. President of the University, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Sun Baoguo, President of Jiangnan University, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Chen Jian, Deputy Director of the Department of Warehousing and Science and Technology of the State Grain Administration Zhang Chengzhi, Deputy Director of the Fujian Science and Technology Department Zhou Shiju, Dean of the Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences Weng Qiyong, Zhangzhou Lan Wanan, Deputy Mayor of the City, Zhou Junxiong, Party Secretary of the Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology of automatic rice packing machine, Chen Yizhang, Director of the Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, Guo Yanhe, Member of the Standing Committee of the Weicheng District Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Jinfeng City, Zhu Xuesen, Deputy District Governor of Xiangcheng District, and Lin Wushan, Vice Chairman of the Municipal Association for Science and Technology Guo Yuehui, deputy director of the Grain Bureau, attended the meeting.


After Jialong Technology has been listed, it has continuously increased investment in R&D, closely related to market demand, and developed with precision. The company's products have been transformed from semi-automated, stand-alone to fully automatic, and production line integration systems, which significantly reduces labor for customers.

With the successive launch of the company's F, R and Q series of fully automatic rice packing machine

production lines, the food, feed, and grain and other metering and packaging industries will usher in a new era of automation and intelligence.