Jialong Rive Vacuum Packing Machine And Helong Rice

- Apr 23, 2019-

In the history of 1004, in the Helong Township of Ninghua County, the people of Yilong, who went to Beijing, took the hometown rice. After arriving in Beijing, when the silver carp is delivered, the rice that comes with it will be served together. After the Emperor Song Zhenzong had eaten it, he was overjoyed. He praised the quality of the river and the rice, and ordered the tribute every year. The "Helong Gongmi" became famous.


Today, more than a thousand years later, Helong Gongmi and Jialong Technology have joined forces to create the first full range of intelligent rice packaging workshops in Fujian Province, allowing Yipen·Helong Gongmi to return to high quality and high standards. Rice vacuum packing machine, this is not only a guarantee of the continuation of its quality, but also a tribute to the glorious history!