Jialong Rice Vacuum Packing Machine On Russia Exhibition

- Jul 11, 2018-

     Jialong rice vacuum packing machine LZB-300-FR5 is shown on the biggest packing exhibition in Moscow Russia on 26th-29th June. It's the first time that Chinese rice vacuum packing is exhibited in Russia. The rice vacuum packing machine LZB-300-FR5 is a flat shape and brick shape mutifuction packing machine.  This machine is suitable for packing rice,pinenut,seeds and other granular material in 0.5kg-5kg brick or flat shape vacuum packages.


On the exhibition, hundreds of visitors were attracted to Jialong booth. They are curious about how the rice vacuum packages is came out. They were supprised by the beautiful sealing line of our package. As we all know, Russia is rich in all kinds of coarse cereals. Big potential market for vacuum packing industrial.