Jialong Rice Mixing Machine

- Jun 24, 2020-

Chinese people eat more rice, and their tastes are different; some like  northeast pearl rice, some like Thai jasmine rice, and some like Yunnan Smiao rice.

The strange idea is that if different types of rice are paired together in a certain proportion, what will the taste of the rice be like?

The whimsy is the source of business. If you eat too much rice, you may not have enough nutrition, or you may lack certain trace elements.

Hodgepodge is also a trend, like the chaotic stew in the Northeast; with meat and vegetables, in addition to comprehensive nutrition, the taste is even better.

The mill of milled rice found this business. Rice distribution scales and rice distribution machines were born in this way.

Jialong rice blending machine with rice scales and Jialong PCS-L series rice blending machines have made many rice factories on the road to prosperity


With the arrival of the processing season, more and more market demands are constantly emerging, especially people have put forward higher requirements for rice. Both taste and nutritional value have become the focus of everyone's attention. Therefore, different varieties of rice continue to emerge in a scientifically complementary manner. In this environment, Jialong has introduced a new generation of rice-matching artifact LCJ-10T6 to bring customers a more convenient and worry-free production experience.

Compared with similar products in the industry, Jialong LCJ-10T6 rice matcher has unstoppable features:

1. Originality and more stability-the weightlessness trial cutting technology can adapt to the ratio of various materials. During operation, it has an automatic flow correction function, which can not only ensure the accuracy of rice distribution, but also ensure that the most stringent standards, The most stable operation to help customers create greater economic benefits;

2. High output and good performance-the material outlet can be automatically opened within the range of the ratio, with one-key clearing function, after the ingredients are completed, the material in the weighing hopper can be easily removed, the maximum output of the single channel is 15t/h, and the minimum flow 0.2t/h, the output is greatly improved, the automatic tracking process, while easily ensuring safe operation, can also self-adjust the error to further protect customer benefits;

3. The single material level detection controls the unwinding to ensure the uniformity of the discharge. Independently controlled dual feed mechanism is used to ensure fast replenishment, and can adapt to various different flow control, and can also ensure the most stable operation of the machine!