Jialong Mung Beans Vacuum Packing Machine

- Jun 08, 2018-

The villagers of Lu Village mostly rely on self-produced millet as their staple food. Professional examinations have found that the folic acid content in Lu Village's millet is many times higher than that of other cereals. This is a village where twins can be seen everywhere. One family has already had ten generations of twins. Therefore, Lu village millet became a popular commodity.

Food crops such as Lu Village Xiaomi are one of Shanxi's many millet brands. And millet is one of many small grain varieties. Small grains are the dominant food varieties in Shanxi Province, with a wide variety of varieties, good quality and extensive planting. The product packed by Jialong Mung Beans Vacuum Packing Machine It is an important small grain production base in the country. In the fragrant and colorful food family, the small grains in Shanxi Province are undoubtedly the most eye-catching, most proud and most commendable.

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Shanxi miscellaneous grains mainly include stems, grains, legumes, potatoes, alfalfa and alfalfa, etc. There are more than 120 kinds of seven categories, covering an area of 15 million mu, accounting for 10% of the country, accounting for 40% of the province's grain fields. With an annual output of 2.5 billion to 3 billion kilograms, the area is wide, the amount of production is large, and the variety is rich. It ranks first in the country and is a veritable “small grain kingdom”. Shanxi millet planting area is the first in China, second in oats nationwide, fifth in the country, first in China,, with Jialong Mung Beans Vacuum Packing Machine, adzuki bean, kidney bean and lentil third in the country.


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The production of miscellaneous grain crops in Shanxi Province is mainly distributed in mountainous areas and hilly areas. These areas are clear and watery, with appropriate climate. The soil and air are almost in their original state and have not been polluted. Special terrain, various climates, a long history of farming, and abundant varieties of miscellaneous grains have made Shanxi a prime producing area for high-quality miscellaneous grains. The small grains produced in such an environment can be said to be green in green.

Shanxi has miscellaneous grains and plants from south to north. Among the 58 impoverished counties in the province, there are 42 counties in miscellaneous grain production. Relying on the advantages of miscellaneous grain resources, the development of the miscellaneous grains industry has become an important way to assist poor counties to shake off poverty and become rich.