Jialong Full Automactic Palletizing System Release The Hands For Worker.

- May 03, 2018-

      In rice mills, palletizing and loading and unloading of Zonda's packaged products is a very labor intensive task. With the increase in the age of workers, it becomes more and more difficult to remove and unload. In the high season, the output increased. Su also often personally took the lead and went into battle. The high-intensity operation of Automatic bag filling machine allowed Su to understand the necessity of mechanical operations.


The owner of the company he was thoughtful and multi-pronged. When many people were still waiting to see the increase in investment, Su always took the lead and purchased a full set of Jialong automatic quantitative packaging palletizing production line, which drastically challenged the rice factory. In the reform, the use of mechanical automation programs to replace a large number of manual operations, handling, greatly reducing the intensity of work for employees, and now the rice plant has changed its appearance.