Jialong Coarse Cereals Packing

- Mar 16, 2018-

     In the northern Shannxi special coarse cereals selling area ,there are all kinds of miscellaneous grains such as mung beans, millet, and red adzuki beans packed in vacuum package. “We have a wide range of products, good quality and the sales network covers almost all parts of the country. Most of the vacuum packaging is given to people. The price is higher than that of bulk products. In recent years, people have gradually paid attention to health, and small grains have also become more and more. Consumers' favor.” Cao Bin, chairman of the Northern Shaanxi Brothers Grain Cooperative, told reporters that the small grains produced by the northern Shaanxi multi-grain professional cooperatives have bright colors, rich nutrition, good quality, and good taste. In 2013, the “functional agriculture” of the cooperation between Xiangyang District Government and China University of Science and Technology (China Selenium Research Center) was based on the criteria of “organic, low-carbon, and selenium-rich”. To arrange the cultivation of 3,000 mu of selenium-enriched millet, from the planting to harvesting, applying scientific planting methods and traditional milling processes, took the lead in establishing a quality and safety traceability system for agricultural products, and obtained the “Post-winning Award” of Yangling Agricultural High-tech Fair. Now, high-quality small grains have become the city card representing Yulin's brand image, and at the same time it has become an effective tool for accurate poverty alleviation in the new situation.

cube shape vacuum packing.JPG

It is understood that in recent years, Yokoyama Daming mung bean, Dingbian buckwheat buckwheat, Jingbian bitter buckwheat, Fugu yellow rice, rice cake millet and other agricultural products have been protected by the national geographical indications, Mizhi millet, Yokoyama Daming mung bean, "Hongsheng card" Jingbian buckwheat rice, buckwheat flour and other agricultural products have passed the assessment of ecological origin products. The competitiveness of brand-name products has continued to increase, and they have been exported to countries and regions such as Japan and South Korea, which has become a new growth point for stimulating the development of rural economy, and has also become a way for local farmers to get rich.


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