Jialong Chickpea Packing Machine

- Mar 05, 2019-

In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, Chinese people have put forward new demands for improving the dietary structure. Because of its rich nutrients required by the human body, miscellaneous grains have higher medicinal health value and are increasingly favored by consumers. China is the main producing area of the world's miscellaneous grains. Jilin Province is China's main grain producing area, with abundant agricultural resources, and the multi-grain products have a high reputation in the country. “Lao Ling Ling” is the miscellaneous grain brand under the umbrella of Jilin Yongpeng Agricultural Products Development Co., Ltd. From the initial stage of the company, Jilin Yongpeng always put the standardization construction in the first place, and unswervingly chose the strategic partner--Zhangzhou Jialong Technology Co., Ltd., with a unified product packaging, leaving a deep consumer impression.


Jilin Laoyeling Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful smog capital. It is a modern agricultural product processing enterprise integrating agricultural, sideline product planting, research and development, production and sales. The company is engaged in grain production and processing for more than ten years, and all products sold are from the company base. The company focuses on the modern agricultural line based on rural areas and oriented by science and technology agriculture, and builds the company into a modern, private enterprise of science and technology, innovation and service. Pushing the "Lao Ling Ling" brand agricultural chickpea packing machine to a higher standard stage.

"China's cereals network" is an excellent product in the "Internet +" era. It is a product system of the whole industry chain with the concept of “big data, big industry, big integration”. It is the product of the company's deep integration of “Internet + miscellaneous grain industry” and also provides a good platform for the company's all-round development. In the operation of my own website, the business of the major retail e-commerce platforms has been very fruitful.