Jialong Automatic Rice Vacuum Packing Machine

- Jan 30, 2019-

Now, "packaging" is really important, not much to say, you know.

Today we only talk about the packaging of the rice world, the same as the rice, plus vacuum packaging, six-sided plastic, its value will be high.

Jialong Technology R7 is accompanied by a minute to let your family's rice sit on the top of the "small fresh meat" in the rice world, calling it "small fresh meat" not only looks good, but also the inner beauty - long shelf life, fresh?

But then again, in this main temperamental festival, the value of Yan Yan is so high, is it really good? Really okay? Really okay? (I’m asking important things three times)


Since its inception in 2015, the R7-Jialong automatic rice vacuum packing machine has been in full swing for the first year. Last year, R7 was undoubtedly the most dazzling star in the industry: the only six-sided vacuum packaging equipment on the market with a measured speed of 800 packs/hour! Keeping pace with the development of science and technology, all major power companies have started the escalation battle!

In 2016, R7 continues to dominate the six-sided vacuum packaging industry with an unpredictable trend. The love of the various rice enterprises has caused the equipment to be in short supply. We only intensify production with quality and quantity, and constantly improve innovation to return customers' love.