Jialong company organized wonderfull competitions on Youth's Day

- May 07, 2018-

     May 4th is China's Youth Day and is also the 3rd anniversary of the listing of Jialong Technologies. This day Jialong Technology organized a tug-of-war and a two people with three-legged match. In the competition, all company employees from Jialong animal feed packing machine line and rice packing packing machine line work together and do their best. Shows the youth of beauty . After the match, Wang Ziqiang,the general manager of Jialong Company, awarded cash bonuses and other prizes to the winning team.



As a professional rice packaging machine manufacturer, Jialong Company is constantly developing new rice packaging machines, animal feed packing machine and had gained a high recognition from customers. At the same time, it also attaches great importance to the development of corporate culture and enriches the lives of employees. Each month, we hold birthday parties for our employees. We hold 3.8 Women's Day events every year, welcome parties and so on.