How To Use The Tea Vacuum Packing Machine

- May 24, 2018-


Tea vacuum Packaging machine to plastic composite film or 

plastic foil composite film for packaging materials, for a variety of instruments and drugs, food. Fruits, pickles, preserved fruits, aquatic products, local specialties, chemical raw materials, electronic components and military supplies. Whether it is a solid, powdery, paste or liquid can be used for vacuum heat sealing packaging. Because of the high vacuum in the bag, it can effectively prevent the lipid oxidation and aerobic bacteria to reproduce the goods caused by corruption and deterioration, to achieve durability, freshness, smell, color preservation of the function, the extension of product (commodity) storage period, while on some soft items,

After the vacuum packaging to reduce the volume of packaging for easy transportation and storage.

How to use tea vacuum packing machine

1. Plug in the  packing machine power supply (220V).

2. Turn on the power button.

3. Adjust the pumping time (about 30 seconds).

4. Adjust the sealing time (about 3 seconds).

5. Adjust the Heat seal delay (about 3 seconds).

6. Pack the goods, place the sealing place inside the box.

7. Press the top cover to operate, the vacuum surface back to 0 is finished work.