How To Use Food Vacuum Packaging Machine

- Dec 10, 2018-

With the improvement of living standards, food safety has become a matter of great concern. How can we safely and effectively package without affecting the original taste and nutrition of food? The application of food vacuum packaging machines in the market can solve these problems, integrate advanced vacuuming technology into food packaging, and extend the shelf life by improving the vacuum in the packaging bags. The working time of the vacuum packaging machine is relatively short, the operation process is simple and easy to understand, and the level of automation is constantly improving. The simple workflow can complete the entire workflow.

The working steps of the vacuum packaging machine mainly include: turning on the power supply device, putting the packaged articles into the vacuum chamber, and heat sealing the processes.

1. Turn on the electrical power supply. According to the requirements of the power supply of the vacuum packaging machine, the relevant power selection switch is mobilized. When the switch points to the vacuum, it is the process of vacuum sealing, and when the vacuum is inflated, it is the process of vacuum inflation sealing.

2. Put the package of the food into the vacuum chamber and vacuum pack it. After the lid of the vacuum chamber is closed, the indicator light of the operation panel becomes bright, and the vacuum pump performs vacuuming according to the preset vacuum degree. After the set value is reached, the process of vacuuming is finished, the indicator light is extinguished, and then the heat seal is entered ( The stage of inflation.

  3. After the bag is inflated, the packaged articles are heat-sealed. It is necessary to pay attention to the use of special packaging materials. The preset heat sealing time, when the working time is reached, the indicator light is extinguished, and the heat sealing operation ends. The heat sealing process not only makes the sealing bag better, but also allows for thermal sterilization. The final step is to wait for the cooling in the vacuum state, the set cooling lamp is extinguished, and the heat sealing operation is finished. The final step is to cool under vacuum and cool according to the set cooling number.

After the above process is completed, the vacuum chamber of the packaging machine is turned on, the cover of the vacuum chamber is automatically lifted, and the vacuum packaging process is finished.