How To Ensure The Vacuum Packaging Machine Vacuum Effect?

- Aug 10, 2020-

The packaging quality of the vacuum packaging machine is reflected in many aspects. It can automatically extract the packaging bag and its own air, and complete the sealing process after reaching a predetermined vacuum degree, so its air extraction effect directly affects its packaging quality. Let's take a look at three aspects of the vacuum packaging machine to ensure its pumping effect.

1. The vacuum packaging machine vacuum-packages the products. The main packaging material used is a vacuum film. For vacuum packaging bags, the quality is very important and must be selected. Use vacuum packaging bags of qualified quality and a certain thickness, and ensure that they are not damaged and cause air leakage before equipment packaging and during the use of the packaging bag.

2. Secondly, it is necessary to ensure that the vacuum packaging machine must have sufficient time for vacuuming to ensure that the air in the packaging bag is fully evacuated and the vacuum degree in the packaging bag meets the requirements. The sealing time of the packaging machine should not be too early to avoid residual air in the packaging bag. The quality of the seal must also be guaranteed, and the seal must be sufficiently dense and closed to avoid air leakage and affect the vacuum degree in the vacuum packaging bag.

3. The core part of the vacuum packaging machine is the vacuum pump. Once the working time is long, dust and stolen goods will easily enter the vacuum pump, making the packaged products stick to dust and stolen goods. At this time, the vacuum pump must be replaced. Changing the oil frequently can enhance the air extraction effect of the packaging machine. Attention should also be paid to the protection of its internal pressure airbag to prevent it from rupturing and failing to achieve a good suction effect.

From the above knowledge, when we use the vacuum packaging machine, as long as we ensure that the quality of the packaging bag, the pumping time, the sealing time, and the daily maintenance of the vacuum pump is properly controlled, the pumping effect can be well guaranteed. Ensure the quality of its packaging.