How To Ensure The Performance Of Vacuum Packaging Machine

- Nov 20, 2018-


The vacuum packaging machine can automatically extract the air in the packaging bag and complete the sealing process after reaching a predetermined vacuum. It can also be filled with nitrogen or other mixed gas, and then the sealing process is completed. Vacuum packaging machines are often used in the food industry because after vacuum packaging, foods are resistant to oxidation for long-term storage.

Vacuum packaging machines, including food vacuum packaging machines, are composed of a vacuum system, a pumping and sealing system, a heat sealing system, and an electrical control system. The vacuum packaging machine uses plastic or plastic aluminum foil film as packaging material to vacuum liquid, solid, powdery paste food, grain, fruit, pickles, preserves, chemicals, medicinal materials, electronic components, precision instruments, rare metals, etc. Packaging, vacuum-packed items can prevent oxidation, mildew, insects, decay, moisture, and extend the shelf life.

 How to ensure the performance of vacuum packaging machine? It is a question that people often discuss. Today, Xiaobian will give you a concrete introduction. We all know single-chamber vacuum packaging machines and double-chamber vacuum packaging machines, and these two are the most widely used, so how can we guarantee the performance of vacuum packaging machines on this existing machine? In fact, it is not difficult. We only need to master three points. Let's take a look at the following:

1. First of all, the first method we think of is definitely to work on the existing vacuum packaging models. It is the first step to improve the working speed of existing vacuum packaging models.

  2. Secondly, what we think of is to change the working principle of the machine, because the first method may be limited for various reasons, so we can only study further, that is to change the working principle. When the vacuum packaging machine is working, the multi-column parallel operation scheme that was originally used makes the operation speed very fast, so we can also modify the machine according to these principles.

  3. Third, reduce downtime, how to reduce downtime, which requires us to increase the reliability of the machine, in addition to add some fault display, rapid maintenance, automatic replacement of packaging materials and so on.

 Can not be sealed, the possible reasons for existence are as follows:

  1. The control panel heat seal switch is not selected, or the heating power is not turned on.

   2. The heating element of the packaging machine is damaged, or the power supply connection of the heating element is broken.

   3. There is a problem with the panel setting and the heating time is set to 0.

   4. There is a problem with the control unit and the heating time relay is damaged.

   5. Battery valve failure: The sealing solenoid valve is not working, the air bag is not bulged (or the air bag is damaged).

 Second, the sealing of the packaging bag is uneven, there are air bubbles in the sealing line, and the sealing is not firm. The possible reasons are as follows:

1. The vacuum chamber sealing strip is not clean enough, there are dirty things or other foreign objects.

   2. The set heating time or temperature is too low to seal well.

   3. The airbag is not strong enough to cause the sealing line to be pressed tightly.

   4. The cooling time set by the control panel is not enough, causing the sealing line to shrink and have bubbles.

   5. The heating strip is damaged and the surface is not flat enough.

  The performance of the vacuum packaging machine depends on the quality of the manufacturer's remanufacturing. Our products can ensure the good performance of the vacuum packaging machine. If you are interested in our products, we will be happy to help you!