How The Tea Packaging Machine Works

- Aug 07, 2018-


The working principle of the tea packaging machine is similar to that of the ordinary packaging machine, but the packaging principle of the tea packaging machine is different due to the difference in materials and the state of the materials.

     The general tea packaging machine work process is: firstly, the article packaging bag is evenly arranged on the sealing strip and placed under the pressing bag strip; then the pressure chamber is closed under a slight pressure, so that the vacuum, sealing, printing, returning from the vacuum The entire packaging process is controlled once by an electrical automatic program; one of the two vacuum chambers is in operation while the other vacuum chamber is capable of placing items. After the vacuum chamber is returned to zero, the upper vacuum chamber can be moved to another vacuum chamber, and the left and right chambers can be alternately operated, the efficiency is higher, and the maintenance of the packaging machine is also convenient; during the work, if found If the phenomenon is abnormal, press the emergency stop button to return to the air and work again. When the work is paused, please put the lock switch in the “off” position first, then cut off the power supply, of course, don’t forget to do the cleaning work.